The vegetarian's guide to dogfood.

Vegetarian pet parents feel overwhelmed with the idea of feeding non-vegetarian diets to their pets. They want to raise a healthy and happy dog, but they don’t want to do it at the cost of other lives. For most such dog parents, that’s the first time they have encountered non-vegetarian foods.

Multiple sources will inform them that “imposing” their choice on their pet is animal cruelty. They are told about the perils of unbalanced vegetarian diets leading to a host of health problems too. They are forced to pick out non-vegetarian pet foods because of:

  • Lack of awareness about the possibility and benefits of vegetarian dog diets
  • Lack of encouragement from vets and other pet parents about vegetarianism
  • Lack of complete and balanced dog foods to choose from

This article aims to educate pet parents about WHY and HOW they can raise a vegetarian dog and HOW such diets are safer and healthier for their pets and for the planet. We hope to encourage “animal” welfare over “dog” welfare WITHOUT causing harm to the dog.

HOW it is possible to raise a vegetarian dog:

Unlike their ancestors, domestic dogs possess up to 30 copies of the AMY2B gene for digesting plant foods. Here is the study that discusses in detail how the domestication of dogs allowed them to digest starch better.

Even though dogs belong to the order Carnivora, they are omnivores and can transform certain amino acids to others. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Therefore, the right balance of plant-based sources of protein can provide the necessary amino acids while avoiding meat.

WHY it is better to raise a vegetarian dog:


Meat based dog foods are made from animals that are farmed for consumption. Most of the dog food products use meat that is not fit for human consumption. The protein content in these body parts is questionable. Therefore, the brand also uses plant-based protein to supplement what’s missing.

Animal farming is also one of the cruellest industries of the world. It causes mass environmental damage, high levels of pollution and increased public health risks. More than 80% of the pigs slaughtered have pneumonia, battery chickens live in places smaller than our tablets, new-born animals are routinely mutilated, mothers are separated from babies at birth and no veterinary care is provided to sick and injured factory animals.

Farmed animals are routinely injected with hormones and antibiotics, which are passed down to us when we consume them. Many deadly bacteria are growing resistant to antibiotics leaving very few treatment options for sick humans. The hormones ingested by these animals are affecting our hormonal balances as well.

Over the last few years, it has been observed that dogs consuming pet foods are suffering from allergies that are sometimes impossible to treat medically. When it is possible to raise our dogs without meat, whose benefits are not even as many as made apparent, why would we feed them questionable pet foods and meats?

v-planet is truly hypoallergenic because it contains no meat, soy, wheat, gluten, corn and maize. It is made from a complete and balanced, veterinarian and AAFCO approved formula. The diet has been found to be great for sensitive and itchy dogs and has also helped dogs with diabetes, arthritis, digestive issues, and weight maintenance. 

What we recommend:


We recommend transitioning your beloved companion to the v-planet dry kibble over the course of a fortnight. For wet food, we recommend Fresh Woof’s the Casserole and Vegetable Stew by Fresh for Paws.

Watch your pooch’s health transform before your eyes as the fresh and natural ingredients work their magic.

v-planet is AAFCO approved, and this approval is only given to foods that meet the nutritional requirements of dogs. A third-party test confirms that the diet is complete and balanced before AAFCO approval is provided. The test applies the same nutritional standards to plant-based foods as to meat-based foods.

Blogs and articles to help you decide:

Michael Ofei describes his journey towards V-Dog here. Like many other pet parents, he fed his dog raw meat and pet foods until they met the team of v-dog at the Naturally Good Expo. They were finally relieved to know that vegan dog food was the way to go.

Here is the Vegan Vet Blog to give you more information about how vegan dog food is benefitting dogs and dog parents in the UK.

There’s also an Ultimate Guide to Vegan Dogs for your perusal where Chance’s journey as a vegan dog is described. Chance is now 10+ years old.

V-dog is a San Francisco-based dog food company that makes animal products without animal products. Since 2005, thousands of dogs of all shapes and sizes have been thriving on our food. Check it out for yourself! Our kibble meets AAFCO requirements and is veterinarian recommended. Learn more about what we do at and check out hundreds of rave reviews on our testimonials page.

v-planet is the global brand of v-dog. It is available in 14 countries worldwide and pet parents everywhere can’t get enough of how much the diet has helped their pets. This is the best solution for vegetarians who find handling meat and meat products difficult.