Why your dog shouldn’t be eating off your plate

It’s difficult to keep our dogs off our plates when we enjoy a meal. Their cute eyes beg and beg to get a bite and they don’t stop at just one! They want to be part of everything we do and they always find our food more interesting than theirs no matter how much pain we take to provide them a tasty diet. Should we be encouraging this behavior? Are we unknowingly harming them by catering to their taste buds?

Our dinner can cause digestive distress for a little buddy

Human food is too rich and fatty for a dog to digest.

Their digestive system is much different from ours. With domestication, dogs can digest plant-based enzymes. They have an AMY2B gene that helps them digest plant-based proteins and carbohydrates. Human ingredients can be formulated into simple, delicious recipes that are easy to digest, free of meat and lactose.

Some ingredients in our meal can be toxic to little bub

Recipes that are delicious to us can contain harmful or toxic ingredients for dogs. Chocolate, raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts, almonds, onions, and garlic are all dangerous for dogs to eat. Sometimes processed foods contain artificial sweeteners like Xylitol that can poison our pooch. It’s best to leave our leftovers for us and to provide a healthy, balanced, and nutritious diet for our pets.


It could make our pooch fat

It is well known that our dogs should maintain a healthy weight to prevent heart and fatty liver disease. The human requirement for carbohydrates and fat is much more than what dogs are used to. Unknowingly, we may give them lifestyle diseases that can cause a lot of trauma and expensive vet bills for us and them


Not setting boundaries can encourage unwanted behavior

When dogs are fed off the table, they learn to approach us whenever we are eating. They start to exhibit begging behavior, which is a hard habit to break. Having dinner guests over with a begging pooch is quite embarrassing and difficult to handle. What’s worse – little buddy will fill up on human food and refuse his own!


The best food for your dog

We recommend healthy, balanced, and plant-based diets for dogs everywhere. This is the sure-shot way of them leading a long, happy, and complete life with us!

Plant-based diets that are nutritionally balanced, like v-planet, provide the required amount of protein, carbohydrates, essential fats, and vitamins. Pet parents using v-planet always notice that the smell of their dog’s breath and poop is clean. Dogs have shiny coats and great skin too.

Pet parents dealing with chronic weight, skin, and joint conditions have switched to v-planet globally because they have realized that nothing else works as well as this!